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Triangle is an industry pioneer, innovator and leader with over a 40-year history in the removable blanket marketplace. Removable insulation blankets are recognized by many trade labels. Whether your call them - Insulation Covers, Insulation Pads, Insulation Jackets, or our preferred label, Removable Insulation Blankets, you can rest assured Triangle has a proven record as the best solution to your energy conservation needs (thermal and acoustical),

EnergyArmour Blankets are utilized in a broad spectrum of industries, including power, chemical, automobile,, paper and oil. Our quality blankets can be found in service both domestically and as OEM solutions internationally.

EnergyArmour Blankets are designed to be completely removable and replaceable while maintaining the full ability to conserve heat and attenuate sound. Blankets are ideal for applications where access is routinely desired for piping, equipment or any high maintenance specialty. Our professionally designed, custom fabricated blankets are most commonly installed to accurately cover items such as: flanged pairs; flanged valves; strainers, pumps; root valve assemblies; gauges; compressors; turbines, exhaust systems, equipment body flanges and heads. Triangle has the expertise and ability to custom fabricate blankets for the uncommon as well, including just about anything in any configuration or size, from tanks down to intricate instrumentation assemblies.

All blankets are assembled using three primary components:
Shell: This is the cloth/mesh envelope that houses the insulation material. The shell also provides the structure for the blanket, connection points for attachments and when required, resistance to liquids.
Filler: This the insulation material(s) that provides the thermal or acoustical functionality of the assembly.
Attachment: This component is the installation apparatus. It provides the means of securement and is component most responsible for ease of removal and replacement of the blanket assembly.

Triangle utilizes only premium materials for our blanket components and our craftsmanship of the highest order.

EnergyArmour blankets typically have service temperatures ranging from ambient to 1200 degrees F, but can be designed to accommodate temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees F. Blankets utilize the following material(s) per component:
Shells: Silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth, fiberglass cloth, Teflon coated fiberglass cloth, vermiculite coated fiberglass cloth and stainless-steel mesh. Multiples of these materials are many times utilized.
Fillers: fiberglass blanket, needle matt blanket and ceramic fiber blanket.
Attachments: Straps with buckles or D-rings, hook & loop, drawing strings and lacing hooks & wire. Most times two or more of these methods are utilized per blanket.

An insulation investment has a very short return on investment (ROI) – typically less than 6 months. Removable pads have the potential to improve on that ROI to near immediate payback based on just one maintenance removal/replacement cycle. This simple investment continues adding to the bottom-line year after year!


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