How we help...

Triangle believes in community involvement and participates corporately in a effort to make Paducah and the surrounding area a better place to live and work. Triangle is a member of the Paducah Chamber of Commerce, and is a Relay for Life sponsor. In addition, Triangle encourages employees to be involved in the community. Most of our employees are involved in local churches, missions (domestic and international), civic organizations, recreation clubs and professional organizations. All this involvement creates a better community as well as more interesting and content employees.WPSD TV Telethon of Stars

Triangle celebrates 31 years of contributions to the Easter Seal Center. Triangle has a long relationship with the local annual WPSD TV Lion's Club Telethon of Stars fund raiser benefiting the Easter Seals Center. The Easter Seals Center aids disabled children and adults with CDS in the Paducah area.

Triangle Enterprises, Inc., has reached a milestone in charitable giving in association with WPSD’s Telethon of Stars and the Easter Seals Center, by contributing over $500,000 since 1982.

We have been contributing since before the Telethon was on television, beginning its donations when then-president and Lion’s Club member, Bob Pirtle, began contributing on the company’s behalf when the Lion’s Club annual promotion was on the radio.

Current Triangle President and C.E.O., J. P. Kelly, grandson of founder Poncho Robinson, has continued the giving tradition by matching the dollar amount raised throughout the year by company employees. Each year, employees sign up for a level of giving through payroll deductions that goes to the annual Telethon of Stars. Each year since 1982 (31 consecutive years) Triangle has matched the total, and in many years exceeded the match amount.

“Triangle gives to many civic organizations throughout the year, but the Lion’s Club Telethon of Stars, produced by WPSD stands out as the one we have always supported over the years,” said Triangle President/C.E.O. J.P. Kelly. “Our employees have always been very generous with their donations and time to many charitable organizations.” Triangle has routinely won the traveling trophy given to the company whose employees give the most per employee, with an average of just over $200 per employee.

Triangle also supports Paducah's Market House Theatre, bringing culture and art to the region, through sponsorship. Mr. Kelly also serves on the theatre's board.