Markets We Serve

Triangle has been working in the power generation industry for over 40 years. Our ongoing success in this tough and demanding industry demonstrates our commitment to excellence. While our work spans many construction sectors, there is no better example of our dedication to safety and operational excellence than that demonstrated at power facilities.

The power generation industry demands careful planning to meet critical schedules, knowledge of plant operations, 24/7 labor availability, immediate material access, a safety trained workforce, extensive communications, and liaison with project managers and engineers.

Triangle has earned a reputation unsurpassed in the power industry in our areas of expertise. Our experience includes hundreds of complex projects for industry leaders like Tennessee Valley Authority, Ameren, Alstom Power, Babcock & Wilcox, Fluor Constructors, and many more.

Whether it is new construction or ongoing maintenance programs, Triangle has the right programs for any facility. Triangle provides new hvac installation and replacement services, as well as plant-wide HVAC maintenance. We also offer TRAC-Log, our website-based maintenance and refrigerant monitoring program used to assist in Tile V environmental compliance. Additionally, Triangle was a founding partner of the TVA Valley Mechanical Alliance, a valley-wide agreement to provide HVAC engineering, construction and maintenance services throughout TVA.

In addition to power, Triangle routinely provides highly technical project experience to the commercial and industrial markets. Triangle works extensively in the Chemical & Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Food Services, Steel and Aluminum, Pulp and Paper, Alternative Fuels, and Municipal markets to name a few. We also have years of experience servicing schools, churches, hospitals, retail facilities, and warehouses in the commercial market. Our expertise includes:

• Mechanical & Process Insulation
• Heat Tracing
• HVAC Install and Facility-wide Maintenance
• Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Lagging
• Scaffolding
• Refrigeration
• Fireproofing
• Insulation Energy Audits /
Thermography Analysis

A testament to our service and reliability are the long-term relationships, many in excess of 20 years, we have with top companies like: Southern Illinois Power Cooperative, Electric Energy, Inc, Ameren, Kimberly Clark, TVA, Sabic Innovative Plastics and many others.